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6 Things To Do with Natural Flagstone

Natural flagstone is a gorgeous and versatile stone that can be used in many landscaping, hardscaping and home improvement projects. It comes in several muted colors to enhance your surrounding outdoor decor.

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Here are our top 6 ways to utilize it:

1. Create A Patio

Create a flagstone patio like one of our customers' awesome zen patio area pictured above. Flagstone is asymmetrical by nature, so it adds a lot of character to a landscaped area.

2. Use As Stepping Stones for Pathways

Flagstone is the ultimate pathway or walkway stone. Set it apart at a distance like one of our customers did here, lay it out in a straight line, or set it closer together with some small bark or moss in between the stones.

3. Create a Bench

Create a charming stacked flagstone bench like this one originally featured in BHG (link below). This is a great addition to your outdoor sanctuary and can be made from leftover pathway or patio flagstone.

4. Line Your Garden

Use natural flagstone to create a beautiful and rustic garden edge. Stack to your desired height.

5. Make a Firepit

Extend your time outdoors year-round with a custom flagstone firepit. So inviting!

6. Build A Retaining Wall

Build a retaining wall out of flagstone. Stack it like this example or lay out flat and sideways for a more dramatic look.

Are you inspired now? What are you going to create with our flagstone?

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