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Rock and Stone

There are so many ways to use rock and stone in your landscaping and hardscaping. You could create a rock garden, dry river bed, pathway, stepping stone area, zen garden, use rock for drainage purposes, waterfalls, ponds, driveways, retaining walls, planters, or just place rock and stone throughout your landscaping for decoration.

Natural Stone Pavers

Gold Fines

Chardonnay Fines

Indian Slate and Pavers

CalStone Pavers and Wall Units

Patio Arizona Flagstone

Arizona Flagstone

Feather Rock Boulders

Fieldstone Boulders

Cold Water Canyon


Sierra Verde

Rough Cobble

Mexican Pebbles

Black and White Quartz

River Rock

Drain Rock

Pea Gravel

Crushed Granite

Granite Screening

Sonora Pink

Pemmy Pebbles

Coral Sea Pebbles


Red Lava

California Gold