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Landscaping with Fieldstone Boulders

Fieldstone boulders are granite boulders found in the wild that come in a multitude of sizes and colors, and are a great choice for your landscaping. They’re also called Sonoma, Napa, or moss boulders because they often retain the natural moss and lichen that grows on them. They have a rugged exterior with a weathered finish.

Fieldstone boulders bring the beauty of natural stone to your yard, and require no maintenance whatsoever.  They’re drought, heat, and cold-friendly too. Many of these boulders come from Northern California, and are often found when clearing ranch land.

Landscaping Ideas with Fieldstone Borders

Natural boulder walls


Focal point in garden bed

Retaining walls

Accent pieces

Garden benches



Water features

When placing boulders on the ground as an accent piece or focal point, rather than just placing the boulder on top of the dirt or other rock, try digging out 4-6” underneath the boulder to make it look like it’s been there for a while.

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Come in and talk with our friendly staff to get more ideas on how and where to use these natural boulders.

Enjoy your July!